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Do you know the right way to use the car lights? KIMH Help you.

Car lights are very important to drivers. Each kind of lights has different uses. Correct 
use of lights is conducive to driving safety. However, some lights are used in special 
circumstances, because the frequency of use is relatively low, sometimes it is easy to 
cause danger.

Let's take a look at how to use the car lights correctly in the following special 

Headlamp: the main is often said that the headlamp, mainly used for driving at night, 
divided into high beam and low beam. When overtaking, switch between high and low light, 
and when meeting, switch to low light, so as to make civilized use of headlights and be 
responsible for others and yourself.

Daytime running lights: daytime running lights are just emerging in recent years. As the 
name suggests, they are used in daytime. Generally, they are white LED (more energy-saving) 
scattered lights. The daytime driving lights are very bright, which can warn pedestrians 
and other vehicles to drive safely.

Side lights: the functions of side lights are similar to those of daytime running lights, 
except that the former is used at night and in poor visibility environments such as rainy 
and foggy weather. The side lights are distributed at the four corners of the car body, 
which can make it easier for the third party to distinguish the outline of the car body and 
increase driving safety.

Turn signal: when driving in turn or parallel, it will be used to remind other pedestrians 
and vehicles to pay attention. In case of emergency, it will double flash. The turn signal 
should be turned on ahead of time to leave enough time for the third party to react.

Brake light: as long as you step on the brake, it will light up a red light to remind the 
following vehicles to slow down or stop, so as to prevent rear end collision.

Reverse lamp: when the reverse gear is held, the white reverse lamp will light up 
automatically to remind the third party to pay attention to safety.

Fog lamp: fog lamp must be turned on in foggy days. Due to the high penetration of fog 
lamp, it can improve the visibility of the third party on the opposite side of the vehicle, 
avoid it and drive safely. Turn off the fog lamp in time after parking to prevent damage to 
the fog lamp.

License plate lamp: as the name suggests, it is the lamp that lights the license plate. It 
is mainly turned on at night or when the weather is bad. According to the law, the license 
plate can be seen clearly within 20 meters, and it is controlled by the same switch as the 
width indicator.

After understanding the use skills of 9 kinds of car lights, let's take a look at how to 
use lights in daily life.

Evening and night: in the evening, it is dark. If the driver does not turn on the lights, 
the driving trend of the vehicle will become unclear to other drivers, and it is difficult 
for other drivers to judge the speed and distance of the vehicle.

Of course, it's also important to turn on the lights. For example, when we meet at night, 
we have to turn off the high beams. Avoid danger to drivers of other vehicles.

Lights that should be turned on: in the evening, when it is slightly dark, wide lights can 
be turned on; when driving at night, low beams should be turned on; if the weather is good, 
high beams or fog lights should not be turned on when driving on urban roads at night.

Rainy and foggy weather:
the visibility in rainy and foggy weather is low. If the driver 
doesn't turn on the lights, his car will be "invisible" when driving in rainy and foggy 
weather. Even if the vision of other drivers reaches the pilot's level, it's not easy to 
see the car without lights.

Lights that should be turned on: when visibility is not bad, wide lights can be turned on; 
when visibility is poor, low beam lights and fog lights should be turned on.

Tunnel traffic: the light in the tunnel is not good, but whether it's a novice or an old 
driver, there are very few drivers who develop the habit of turning on the lights when they 
enter the tunnel. Some people feel that they can see clearly and there is no need to turn 
on the lights. Some people think it's easy to forget to turn off the lights when they leave 
the tunnel after turning on the lights. There are all kinds of reasons, but they don't 
consider the problem of driving safety.

Lights that should be turned on: turn on the low beam lights, do not turn on the high beam 
lights or fog lights, because after entering the tunnel, if you turn on the high beam 
lights or fog lights, it will cause traffic hazards due to dazzling.

Underground garage: the underground garage is not only lack of light, but also has a very 
compact layout, narrow parking spaces, right angle bends, steep slopes and other difficult 
projects, which test the driving level of car owners, and has become a frequent place of 
accidents. Turning on the lights and reminding others of your location can also effectively 
reduce the risk factors.

Rose Zhou